Annual Harvest Dinner

St. Paul's Annual Harvest Dinner is the don't miss event of the Fall. Turkey, ham, spuds and veggies, and all the trimmings. New this year: enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner! Don't miss this event of great food, fellowship, and entertainment. Saturday, October 21st. Doors open at 5:30, dinner is served at 6:00. The Dinner always sells out, so order your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Contact the office at 416-261-4222. #Event #event

World Communion

Once a year, Christians around the world join in a common liturgy of thanksgiving and praise in "World Communion." As we gather together and share the bread and cup, we do so knowing that Christians in many lands and in many languages share our faith. Some of them will be large churches where freedom or religion guarantees their safety; others follow Jesus under constant threat of persecution or worse. Today we will are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world, and do so with members from both the SPUC congregation and the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe, who also worship in our building. Join us as we celebrate the eternal, ever present gift of Christ. #Sermon

Cadence in Concert

"Four men, four mics, no instruments!" That's how this a capella group describes itself, as it takes old and new favourites -- from jazz, gospel, pop. classics, and broadway, and gives them a twist with their exquisite and unique vocal stylings. Join us for a fabulous evening of music on Saturday, November 18th. CADENCE, featuring the talents of David, Lucas, Ross, and Kurt, has produced several critically acclaimed albums (which will be on sale at the concert!), and have performed across Canada, the U.S., and abroad. Cadence’s live shows are always a hit. They feature a hypnotic blend of complex harmonies, intricate arrangements, vocal dexterity, and just plain fun. On-stage antics and au

Is God Fair?

This week we'll be listening to Jesus' parable of the workers in the vineyard. Was it fair to pay the workers who came at the end of the day the same as those who toiled in the field since dawn? Of course, your opinion might depend largely on which shift you worked! Or does it? We'll also listen to how a community of faith can be an agent for social justice, even on a small, local level. #Sermon

Forgiveness & Gratitude

Often the times when we either seek forgiveness or need to forgive are times when we may feel the least grateful. Yet maybe these are the very times we need to dig deeper to find the gratitude that is the foundation of our first and best prayer. Forgiveness doesn't come easy a lot of the time. Neither does gratitude. Yet without these, life is not easy. #Sermon

Spaghetti Dinner

Home-made sauce, delicious salads and desserts, some lovely wine, and good friends! The very definition of "La dolce vita." Join us for dinner on Friday September 22nd from 5:00 - 7:30 (open seating) as we celebrate community with friends and good food. Just $10 per person, kids free, wine extra. Meat and veggie options available. #Event #event

Back to Church?

The first 'real' Sunday of September is often called back to church. Not a useful term, since it suggests that only people who have been to church before can come. NOT SO! Because summer is sort of slow in church land, September marks the beginning - in practical terms - of the church year. So, if you've been at church every Sunday of your life, or you've never been to church before, or somewhere in between, you are very welcome to come to St. Paul's and check it out. Great BBQ after church on Sunday! (and, if you sneak into the bbq without coming to church, we'll still be glad to see you!). #Event #event

Where 2 or 3

Jesus promised to be present, 'when two or three are gathered in my name.' What do you think his intention was? Must we be in groups of two or three for God to be present? And what does it mean to gather 'in his name?' Bring your thoughts and questions to St. Paul's first service of the new church year (yes, it's just like back to school...). Community BBQ to follow! #Sermon

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