Make a Joyful Noise!

When a month has five Sundays we dedicate the last Sunday as a "Make a Joyful Noise" service. Lots of music, singing, a few videos, maybe a surprise or two. And no sermon!! If you play an instrument, bring it along! Sunday at 10:30. Be there or B flat. #Sermon

Meditating on God.

Meditation? Mindfulness? Contemplation? Prayer? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! On Sunday we'll continue our exploration of prayer. When Jesus tells his listeners to give to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar, and to God that which is God's, he making a pretty clear command, as he holds up a coin with Caesar's image on it. But what belongs to God? In the silence, we turn away from Caesar to God to find out. #Sermon

Are you Listening?

In our prayer lives, often we wonder, "Is God listening?" I think often God wonders as well, "Are you listening?" With all the turmoil in the world and in our lives, prayer and meditation is an important way to calm our anxieties, find strength, and discern God's will for us. Are we listening? Pastor Paul will lead worship on Sunday as we sharpen our listening skills (and trust that God does as well!). #Sermon

Welcome Opah Ruth!

Happy to welcome Opah Ruth Murozoki on her field placement at St. Paul's. She's a member of our sister congregation Methodist Church of Zimbabwe and studying to be a minister and Rev. Dan will be her supervisor for the next few months. Already we're having fun! #Event #event

Me? Thankful?? As if!

Amid all the turkey and stuffing, pies and squares, and friends and family, so often we feel it isn't enough -- that somehow we're missing out on something. Ironically, in the wealth of our abundance, we suffer a sense of poverty and scarcity that can be immobilizing. Yet giving thanks is the first and best prayer. It opens our hearts to gratitude and the realization of all the blessings we enjoy -- whether they be small or large. On Sunday, we'll share more thoughts of gratitude, especially in hard times. #Sermon

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