The Least of These

"When did we see you hungry and thristy, naked and a stranger, sick and in prison?" A hard question that we look at the hard things int eh world around us, and the people we meet. As we explore faith, what does it mean to see Christ not only in the people we meet, but also in the world around us? This week, Opah-Ruth Murozoki (our student from Zimbabwe) and Rev. Dan will seek out signs of the Kin-dom in the recent developments in Zimbabwe and the shifts in our own neighbourhood of Cliffside. Worlds apart, but also part of God's sacred creation. #Sermon

Meditation & Healing

December is often the hardest month for those who are grieving, going through a rough patch, or walking in the shadows. Come to a quiet time of meditation, healing, and remembrance on Wednesday, November 29th at 7:00 p.m. We'll have some silent time, listen to some poetry and readings, some gentle music, and a time to name and remember loved ones that we've lost and acknowledge our grief and pain. If you like, bring a photo or something that reminds you of the person you've lost, and together we can honour them (don't worry, you get to take it home with you!). #Event #event

Cookie Walk

The famous Cookie Walk is back! Come by on Saturday December 9th from 10:00 onwards to pick up the best darned cookies you'll ever find. No time for baking? Can't bake? You can get all the home-baked cookies you'll need for friends and family over Christmas quickly and easily. And you get to choose exactly the kinds you want. The baking elves at SPUC have been busy and there will be dozens of different kinds of cookies available. A baker's box is $10 and you choose your favourites to fill it up. Fun and delicious! #Event #event

Mistletoe Market

Get a start on the Christmas Season with SPUC's fabulous, fun, and festive market. Home-made gifts, gently used fashion finds, jumble table, and a slew of great local vendors including hand-made jewellery, fabric arts, edibles, and so much more. Saturday, Nov 4th, 9:00 - 1:00. #Event #event


We'll be observing November 11th this week, in the Sacred Act of Remembrance: honouring the sacrifices of those lost in war and peace-keeping, working and praying for peace and justice so that those sacrifices were not in vain. Special music with guest brass musicians Brad and Katherine Starr. #Sermon

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