Where the Irish Died

Barbara Dickson, author of "Bomb Girls" is coming back to St. Paul's with an other fascinating lunch-and-learn session: Wednesday June 6th at Noon. This time we'll hear the stories of Irish immigrants who fled the famines of Eire to come to Canada seeking a new life. It wasn't easy and many didn't survive the journey or their arrival. Tickets are 15$ and available at the church. Call 416-261-4222 to book your seat. #Event #event

May 20th, Pentecost

The Spirit is on the move -- just like Aslan -- and we'll be celebrating Pentecost with readings of the Lord's Prayer in a multitude of languages. God speaks to us in the language that we can understand. Sometimes that includes words -- and sometimes not. Join us for faith-filled, inspiring worship through words, music, silence, and fellowship. #sermon #Sermon

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