Concert For Sistema

Sistema is a small organization with a big impact. It provides musical instruments and instruction to low-income families and at-risk kids. Music makes a difference, but much of Sistema's funding has recently been cut. On Friday November 2nd, we will hold a free concert here with all proceeds going to this important community work. Donations to Sistema are encouraged and most welcome. #Event #event

Welcome Nicole!

Nicole Bourassa-Burke will be our guest preacher on October 28th and November 4th while Rev. Dan is at the General Assembly of ACT Alliance. Nicole promises to 'shake us up' with her fresh interpretation of The Good News.

Ask Dan!

This week is our semi-annual "Ask the Rev." service. You get to put Rev. Dan 'on the spot.' How many angels can dance on a pin? Why do we shake hands? Did Jesus have blond or brown hair? Would Jesus smoke pot, now that it's legal? There are no stupid questions! (Well, maybe, but let's see what happens). Sunday at 10:30. #sermon #Sermon

Plan & Protect Workshop

When someone dies, it's no time to start thinking about funeral arrangements, or trying to figure out what the person might have wanted. It's always best to plan ahead, even though we sometimes think that's a morbid idea. Yet, by planning ahead, we can relieve the stress and talk openly about what's needed and wanted. This workshop is a relaxed setting led by professionals (who are not selling anything!) to help you navigate these tricky waters. Even if you have a will and PoAs in place, there's still a lot to learn. Tuesday, October 23rd, 7:00 p.m. #Event


Once in a while, World Wide Communion falls on the same weekend as Thanksgiving. Is that weird or what? Well, not really! This Sunday we will celebrate 'The Lord's Supper' with Christians across the world in an act of unity and fellowship. Here at St. Paul's we'll combine this with soulful prayers of Thanksgiving, as well as sharing the time with our friends from the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. MAUYA (that's Shona for WELCOME!). #sermon #Sermon

Harvest Dinner

This not-to-be-missed annual fundraiser is a feast for the eye, the tummy, and the soul. Join old friends and new for a fabulous dinner of turkey, ham, and all the trimmings, plus our famous home-made-from-scratch pumpkin pie. Saturday, October 20th, Tickets ($22) only available in advance from the church office. 416-261-4222 #Event #event

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