The Prodigal

We continue our reflections on radical hospitality this week in conversation with Tanya from Sashbear / Family Connections. Tanya leads a support group at St. Paul's for parents of children with severe behaviour, emotional, and psychological issues -- often leading to the risk of self harm. What does it mean to be the 'prodigal' in such a context? How do we love and honour those who are hard to love because they have hurt us? Sunday 10:30. #sermon #Sermon

Tested for Life in Canada

During Lent we're discovering 'radical hospitality with our community partners. This week, our text is 'about being tested,' and we'll be talking with Ruth, a member of one of our numerous groups that support those living with addiction. God is revealed in surprising ways -- sometimes, God looks like a bunch of alcoholics meeting in a church basement. Join us at 10:30. St. Patrick's Day treats after worship! #sermon #Sermon

Lent 1: Dance, Damn It!

During Lent we'll be reflecting on radical hospitality, and how we exercise this at SPUC. Each week, we'll meet someone from one of the many groups and organizations that gather at SPUC: dance, twelve-step, parenting support, autism guidance, and cub & guides. Each group is an extension of our ministry and support to the community, making St. Paul's a 'community hub.' Sometimes this is stressful, and occasionally inconvenient for our members -- but that's OK. Otherwise, if our hospitality is only at our minimal inconvenience and cheap, then it isn't much, is it? This first week we'll meet Melissa So, from So Dance, whose dance programs bring dozens of kids into SPUC every week. #sermon #Se

Give Me Wood and I'll Make it Sing.

Grit Laskin is an internationally recognized luthier and musician, and in this concert - lecture - presentation, he will show us the extraordinary expertise and passion he pours into each instrument and each song. Not to be missed. Tickets are $23 in advance at or $25 at the door. Visit to learn more about Grit and his work. #Event #event

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and we observe this Holy Day with a service of remembrance at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Evening. Pastor Paul and Rev. Dan will take us through a short liturgy that culminates in the 'imposition of ashes,' a spiritual rite in which the ashes of last years' Palm Sunday palms are used to make a cross on the forehead. All are welcome. #sermon #Sermon


Well, that certainly looks like a $10 church word. Come Sunday at 10:30 to help us figure it out. Not as hard as it looks. #sermon #Sermon

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