Get outta that tree!

Jesus encounters Zachaeus in a tree -- and odd place by any measure. Where do we meet Jesus? Discuss. Sunday at 10:30 (remember to Fall Back!). #sermon #Sermon

Irish Mythen

Acoustic Harvest welcomes Irish Mythen for a great evening of music. November 2nd at 8:00 p.m. Tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Visit for details and tickets. #Event #event

Get ready to vote!

What's the right thing to do, when you think your motives may not be 'pure?' On the eve of the federal election, it's time to ponder values and needs in our complex society. Join us for the discussion Sunday morning at 10:30. #sermon #Sermon

Healing Garden Benefit

Acoustic Harvest returns on Saturday October 19th with its annual benefit to support the work of Healing Garden. Featured artists include Marla & David Celia, Kobo Town, and Meg Tenant. More info and tickets at #Event #event

Welcome Marlene!

Marlene Britton will be our guest preacher on Sunday, October 13th. Marlene is the Minister of Vocations for Shining Waters Region (the GTA and more), and will be sharing her experiences of ministry and teh church through her extensive career. it will be a very engaging, dynamic time! Don't miss Marlene's inspiring message. #sermon #Sermon

World Wide Communion

Once a year churches across the world coordinate the celebration of communion -- this year it is the first Sunday in October -- October 6th. We will join with our friends from Methodist Church of Zimbabwe for an intergenerational / interdenominational / international service celebrating our unique gifts and our shared bonds of faith. Sunday @ 10:30.

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