Worship in Viral Times

In Person

Jesus promises us that where two or three are gathered, he will be there. Even if we are not actually gathered in the same room, we can gather in spirit and be assured of God's presence.


During the Covid-19 crisis, the best advice we have been given  is to practice 'physical distancing' as a way of limiting its spread and protecting the health of individuals and the community; and, as church, we want to do our part in that, but also lean into our faith despite the social distance. Maybe this is a time to reflect on how we can be faithful and worshipful in different ways.


So, during this time Rev. Dan will be offering some spiritual resources and reflections on line here, and invite you to take a moment , perhaps even on Sunday morning, to pause and give a moment to God. 


Below, you'll find weekly worship for Sundays and Festivals.  We're also using ZOOM to hold prayer meetings, coffee klatches, socials, and hymn-a-longs. Not familiar with ZOOM?  You can find out more here.

And, while we're resuming in-person worship, you may choose to continue to worship online, keeping in mind your own health, risk factors, and considerations of others.

Previous online services can be found here.

Beginning Sunday, September 13th, we will resume in-person worship at St. Paul's  Note the new time: 10:00 a.m.!

We are following the guidelines from Toronto Board of Health for worship, which means some essential changes for everyone's health and well-being.

Our occupancy is limited, so we're asking both members and guests to 'pre-register' by contacting Sheila, our "worship registrar' at 416-694-9173 or srblinoff@yahoo.com to let us know you're coming. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone and do our best keep space for last-minute guests as well as Elijah.

You are asked to wear a mask, sanitize your hands upon arrival, and will be asked 'screening questions' about recent possible exposure to COVID.  The names and phone numbers of all participants will be noted for tracing purposes (God willing, this won't be necessary).

Worship will be shorter than what we've been used to (I know, every cloud has a silver lining!), and sadly we aren't allowed to have singing (it's been proven to be an effective path of transmission), but we'll have music and you can move, shake, hum, clap, or otherwise be moved by the music!  As we move forward under this 'new normal,' we'll arrange for soloists and musical gifts from our own members or guests.

The in-person and online services will very similar in content and format.  So, you can do either one or even both!

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