The Paradox of Worship

Our original plan for Sunday was to celebrate the gift of music with "A Joyful Noise," something we do whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a month. That joyful noise will be tempered by the massacre today as a driver killed and injured pedestrians on our streets. How to reflect on the joy of life while we are the midst of mourning and gripped with shock and terror in a way that has before always happened in other places and not in our own city? Join us on Sunday at 10:30 as we struggle with this. #sermon #Sermon

A City Mourns

A few weeks ago, we were in mourning for the tragedy in Humboldt. Today, a tragedy of a different sort has surprised and shocked us here in Toronto -- closer to home than we can imagine. On Tuesday, I'll have the church open in the morning for anyone who would like to drop in, gather, say a prayer, light a candle, or chat about the violence that has shaken us today. "We will light a candle, such that the darkness will not overcome it." #Event #event

Service Canceled Today

With one of the worst storms hitting the area today, we've made the decision to cancel the service. The roads are bad, the sidewalks worse, and the risk to life and limb is too great. "For the love of God, stay home, stay warm, stay safe." I'm thinking of the story of Noah -- a great story to read on a day like this when our lives and our homes are being affected by the raging weather. (Read it if you wish -- Genesis chapter 6 and following). When we're hunkered down against the storms, it's good to remember that nothing -- least of all floods and freezing rain -- can separate us from the love of God. Perhaps use this time this morning to reach out and call a friend or a family member a

The Famous Fashion Show Returns!

Enjoy tea, sandwiches, sweets, and a fashion show featuring the latest spring collection from ALIA and TANJAY. Always an entertaining time as the ladies of St. Paul's 'strut their stuff' down the fashion runway! Discount coupons for use at the ALIA TANJAY outlet at nearby Eglinton Square. $15.00 includes both the show and lunch. Time to smarten up your wardrobe for spring, ladies! #Event #event

Guest Preacher: "Where is God?"

Once or twice a year a bunch of us ministers 'swap' pulpits. This week we're welcoming Rev. Bryan Ransom, minister at Langstaff United Church, as our guest. Join us as we hear a different voice and a different perspective on the eternal message of Good News. #sermon #Sermon

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