Rev. Daniel Benson

Dan is the newest member of the ministry team at St. Paul's, arriving in the spring of 2015 after a decade at the General Council Office of the United Church as the Executive Minister of Communications.  Dan's ministry is focused on meaningful and engaging worship, leading study groups, such as the SPUC Book Club, casual conversation times, such as the Tuesday "Muffins with the Minister" drop in, and pastoral care. He is also a creative writer (not just sermons, but articles for magazines and newspapers -- see his article in the Globe and Mail on 'Ministers who Swear') and chronicling the things he does in ministry that were never taught in seminary (bleeding rads, negotiating contracts, mentoring students, grant applications, barbecuing, running the dishwasher, and so on...).  God is good all the time -- All the time, God is good!

Rev. Leslee Alfano

Leslee is our Voluntary Associate Minister (VAM for short), a position that honours her ministry here at St. Paul's, and her many gifts that continue to nurture the faithful here.  She retired in 2016, but is still a very active member of the community and particularly in our ministry with children.  You will often see her at our events, helping out, sharing a word or two with long time members, and helping newcomers get involved.  As someone enjoying her retirement, Leslee has no fixed hours at the church, but a message left at the church will always get to her.

Pastor Paul Neary

Paul has enjoyed a diverse career throughout his life, including drummer in many bands and back-up goups, magician (a gift his son Ryan has inherited), lawyer, and minister for more than 20 years.  He was pastor with Wanstead United Church, and came to St. Paul's when the two congregations amalgamated, continuing his ministry in leading worship, prayer, Christian Education, and music.

Paul retired "official" ministry in 2016, but continues at St. Paul's as Minister Emeritus and is frequently seen behind the drums at special services and festive occasions at SPUC.

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Kirsten Caspersen

Kirsten is pretty much a cradle St. Paul's person; she grew up in the congregation, was married from here, and is often found here on Sunday mornings with her two children.  She can be found at the church office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, when she's keeping the wheels of the church on the rail in a hundred different ways.

Rhiannon Hill

Rhiannon is St. Paul's fourth summer student, and will be programming and leading events, movies, worship, meditation, excursions, and more throughout July and August.  She is attending Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto and has just completed her second year in the Master's of Divinity Program. She has a history in Photography, Media, and Fashion, but after falling into a church secretary job, she found a love for ministry. She's now pursuing that love with all of her fashion and design knowledge propelling her forward. Rhiannon is also deeply passionate about the environment and promoting sustainability, and mixes that in with artful expression of the self in all things. She's excited to meet the community of St. Paul's so feel free to contact her! You'll be seeing her around and hearing from her often - you may even catch a glimpse of her way too adorable mini-dachshund Fritz. 

Emma Wallace

We are thrilled to have the talents of Emma Wallace leading the choir and accompanying congregational song on the piano. Emma brings her love of music, her experience in choral song and musical theatre, and an appreciation for the importance of music and singing in worship.  Emma has a B.A. in music from University of Toronto, and is currently taking lessons to master the 'king of instruments,' the organ.  She will also be leading a renewed energy in our hand bell choir come September. 

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