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About us


St. Paul's United Church is one of some 3,000 United Church of Canada congregations across the country.  In many respects, we are a young congregation, founded in 1921 when Scarborough was mostly farms and a few small village-like settlements such as Scarborough Junction. For more about our history, visit the History page.


We are very much a community church -- most of the people who attend services on Sunday mornings, participate in our prorgrams, or come to our special events live right in the neighbourhood.  A number of people do, in fact, travel some distance to come to St. Paul's; most of them used to live in the neighbhourhood and continue to be part of the St. Paul's family even after having moved away.


We work hard at being a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community of faith.  Gender, age, economic or social status, sexual orientation, are not considerations about how we welcome you! Nor is there a 'test' about your faith! If you're interested in exploring faith, finding a community that will walk with you on your faith journey, this is the place! Find out more about 'what we believe' here.


Sunday worship continues to be the cornerstone of the community.  You can read about what happens on Sunday morning here.


St. Paul's is easy to get to, either by automobile or transit. Check out our Contact us / Find us page.




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