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Life's Big Moments

The big milestones of life, birth, marriage, and death, have been recognized and celebrated by rituals and ceremonies throughout history and across all cultures.  These are the moments when we pause in wonder at the miracle of life: new life in a child, a coming together of two lives in a marriage, or the passing of a loved one from this life into the mystery of death. Ceremonies and rituals, carefully and authentically created to honour the moment and the individual(s), respond to a deep spiritual need within all of us to mark these milestones.

Baptism is the rite celebrating a person -- whether a new-born child or an adult -- joining the community of faith. At St. Paul's we welcome anybody who wishes to explore the Christian journey in community.


We also would be delighted to talk to you about other ways that you can celebrate the arrival a new child in your family with a commemoration that would be meaningful for you and your loved ones.


Congratulations if you're planning to get married! At St. Paul's we believe that God rejoices when we find love in another person, and wish to make an enduring, faithful commitment, regardless of whether that is an opposite or same sex relationship.


If you're looking to get married, please read further and don't hesitate to contact us.

Funerals and Memorials

If you have recently lost a loved one, we at St. Paul's want to extend our condolences and offer whatever support we can in this time of grief.


Acknowledging our grief, celebrating the life well lived, and giving thanks for all that person has meant to us, is an essential part of dealing with death in a meaningful way. 


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