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Cliffside Senior's Club

Free activities for the 55+ set.

Are you looking for fun activities, ways to connect with other seniors, or find helpful support in leading a healthy and safe lifestyle in your ‘golden years’?  Then the Cliffside Seniors’ Club is a new group you’ll want to check out. 


Based out of St. Paul’s United Church in Cliffside (Kingston Road and Midland), the ‘Club’ is open to everyone in the community (aged 55+). There are no membership fees or commitment – all that’s required is your enthusiasm to participate in lively, engaging, and beneficial programs.  “Seniors in our neighbourhood have expressed a need for better ways to help them to stay connected, eat well, get exercise, and live longer and independently in their own homes,” said Daniel Benson, minister of St. Paul’s; “The Cliffside Seniors’ Club is a response to those needs that will build new friendships and strengthen the community in a variety of new ways.”


The ‘Club’ is an umbrella for a variety of free programs open to everyone who wants to come. And, participants are encouraged to help lead and develop new programs to suit emerging needs and interests.   Upcoming programs include:


  • Seminars by local leaders on nutrition, health and safety, avoiding scams (many of which are aimed at vulnerable seniors), navigating the health system (how to get the most out of your visits to the doctor) and more.

  • Gentle exercise to promote better circulation and flexibility, especially for those with limited movement, osteoporosis, or prone to falling.

  • Monthly community lunches with entertainment.

  • Weekly casual drop-ins for refreshments, fellowship, and crafts.

  • Intergenerational hand-bell choir.



Most events include free refreshments, and regular community lunches are a cornerstone of the Club’s programming.  “Sharing a good meal together is not only necessary for our physical health,” noted St. Paul’s parish nurse Cathy Newman, “ it’s also an important way for us to socialize, contributing to our mental and emotional well-being.”


Recently, St. Paul’s acquired a set of hand bells and is making them available for a community choir.  “Making music is always great fun, and hand bells are surprisingly easy,” said Matthew Boutda, St. Paul’s music director. “Whenever we play, even when it seems the music is challenging, you can see the enthusiasm on the ringers’ faces – it’s so beautiful!”


The ‘Club’ is a project of St. Paul’s Church and is supported by New Horizons, the federal government initiative to support community programming for seniors at the local level. 

For more events at St. Paul's see the calendar on the Home Page.
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