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Space Rentals

If your group, club, class, program, church congregation, or small business is looking for rental space for an on-going program, please peruse the information below. We have a variety of spaces to offer and we are especially interested in hearing from social enterprises with a focus on serving the community and those who are looking for daytime / during the week incubator space.

We are currently not accepting applications or inquiries for one time rentals (i.e., for parties, meetings, etc. We are only accepting applications for on-going weekly/monthly rentals).

If you have specific questions, please email our Rental Coordinator at
Renovated Sanctuary.jpg

Heading 1


Capacity: 225 people (pew seating) + 24 people in Balcony area

Great for: Church services, concerts, plays, lecture, Town Hall Meetings, weddings, and funerals

Price: $100 / hour



  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Wheelchair Accessible Washroom outside room

  • Chancel area (stage) can be enlarged upon request

  • Audio/Visual equipment available

  • Digital Projector / Screen available

  • Grand Piano available

Wanstead Hall.jpg

Wanstead Hall

Capacity: 100 people (seated)

Great for: Dinners, Life Events, Concerts, Recitals, Large Meetings, Parties, Lectures, Craft Sales, and Fitness Classes

Price: $75 / hour



  • Recently renovated

  • Wheelchair Accessible via Elevator

  • Wheelchair Accessible Washroom upstairs via Elevator

  • Audio/Visual equipment available

  • Digital Projector / Screen available

  • Upright Piano available

  • Tables and chairs included with rental


Please Note: Our recently renovated Wanstead Hall Kitchen is available to rent for an additional cost when renting Wanstead Hall

Fellowship Room.jpg

Fellowship Room (with Kitchenette)

Capacity: 24 people (seated) or 36 people (standing)

Great for: Small to medium-sized Meetings, Art Classes, Green Room for concerts/plays, Book Club, Small Fitness Classes, and Small Parties

Price: $40 / hour



  • Kitchenette attached

  • Washrooms adjacent to room

  • Tables and chairs included with rental


Gymnatorium (recently renovated)

Capacity: 75 people (seated)

Great for: Meetings, Rehearsals, Music practice, Craft sales, Fitness Classes, and Children’s Groups

Price: $50 / hour



  • Upright Piano available

  • Washrooms adjacent to room

  • Direct Access to one of our parking lots (up a few stairs)

  • Tables and chairs included with rental

  • Portable sound system available


Please note: A large open space but there are four posts set symmetrically in the room

Ballet Studio 2.jpg

The Studio

Capacity: 60 people 

Great for: Dance Classes, Music Practice, Rehearsals, Church services, Life Events, Exercise Classes, Lectures and Meetings (events that do no not involve any food).

Cost: $50 / hour



  • Recently renovated

  • Ballet Barres on walls

  • Digital Piano available

  • Audio/Visual equipment available

  • Digital Projector / Screen available

  • Lots of natural light

  • Tables and chairs included with rental

  • Direct access to Sandown Avenue side of building by stairs

Yellow Room.jpg

The Yellow Room

Capacity: 10 people (seated)

Great For: Small Meetings, Discussion Groups, Green Room for Concerts/Plays, Coffee Hour, and Knitting Club

Price: $25 / hour



  • Comfortable seating - sofas and side chairs

  • Close to washrooms

Children's Church Room.jpg

Sunday School Room

Capacity: 12 young children + 2 supervising adults

Great for: Sunday School for children and as a Supervised Playroom for small children

Price: $25 / hour



  • Recently Renovated

  • Toys for small children

  • Tables and chairs for children to use for stories, snacks, discussions, playing, and doing crafts

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