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What our members say

Gerald Guerin

The reason I like St. Paul's is because I always wanted to come here when I lived in the neighbourhood. Then I moved away, and went to another church.  When I came back to Scarborough, the minister remembered me, and St. Paul's and the members were so friendly.  I quickly got a 'job' as a greeter, and I always enjoy meeting new people and welcoming them every Sunday and at all our events. It's like a big family with all the members and with God.

Julie G.

When my mother was ill, I really appreciated all the support and prayers from my St. Paul's family.

Carol M.

St. Paul's gives me the chance to slow down a bit and reminds me that there really are caring and compassionate people in the world.

Jennifer M.

I love St. Paul's because it is a place where we know people and people know my family.  We are greeted with smiles, kind words, and sometimes hugs! We feel love here.

Barb W.

At the Harvest dinner we get together and cook turkeys, bake pies, have fun working together and turn our auditorium into a welcome place for our St. Paul's family and the community.

Elise C.

I love St. Paul's because of hte free food!  Juist kidding..... it's the sense of community and how it's a place where I feel safe. 

Inglis G.

I am committed to helping keep a happy and joyful place at St. Paul's.  "Lang may your lum reek!"

Dan B.

Muffins with the Minister (Pasta with the Padre, Ravioli with the Reverend... etc.) have been a great way to get to know each other better -- even some of us who have been around a long time!

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