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If you've gotten this far, we're first going to say "Thank you!" for checking us out. Whether you're looking for a church home, simply curious about what St. Paul's (or any church for that matter) is about, or are here just by accident, welcome!


What is this about?

St. Paul's is a community church in the heart of the Cliffside neighbourhood of Scarborough. By community church, we mean that most of the people who come to church on Sunday, participate in our programs or come to the special events, are right here in our neighbourhood. To be sure, we have some people who drive some distance, but most of them used to live in the neighbourhood and simply want to continue being part of this community of faith. We like to think that says something really good about St. Paul's


St. Paul's is a congregation of The United Church of Canada, Canada's largest protestant denomination, with more than 3,000 congregations across the country.  The theology within the United Church ranges quite widely, from conservative to very liberal. St. Paul's would be on the liberal side of the spectrum, emphasizing inclusivity, equality, critical thinking, and social justice, but also holding fast to the traditions of Scripture-based theology, discipleship of Jesus, and inspiring worship and music.


To learn more about what we believe see our Mission Statement

 or the information on Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals.


To learn more about what happens on Sunday mornings at

St. Paul's visit the Worship Page.

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