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  • Rev. Daniel Benson

Cookie Walk!

St. Paul's Famous Cookie Walk is back! December 3rd from 10:00 to 12:00. Come early for the best selection!

What is a Cookie Walk, you ask? Well, it's the best way to get the best assortment of the best homemade cookies for your best friends (or for yourself).

St. Paul's Cookie Elves (aka, the Gents and Ladies of the Church) make dozens of all sorts of cookies. The cookies are set out in the gym on tables in a big circle. When you enter you buy an empty bakery box (you know the kind, white cardboard that holds yummy things from the bake shop). Or you buy several empty boxes! You walk the circle and fill your boxes with your choice. Love chocolate chip but not crazy about macaroons? You fill up with the chocolate chip and leave the macaroons for the next person (who probably doesn't like chocolate chip, so it all works out!).

Helpful tip: Come early for the best selection, but also take a quick turn around the room to scope out all the varieties and choices, then take another walk to fill up your boxes!

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