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  • Karen Chandler

Good Friday

Friday, April 2, 2021

Following Jesus' triumphant journey into Jerusalem this past Sunday, events have turned and today persecuted and beaten, and faces the long walk to Golgotha with a cross so heavy, it must feel like the weight of the world.

You have come with him to this place.

Is it your intention to continue to follow Jesus?

Yes? Then let us walk with him this day.

Hymn: Voices United #567, Will You Come and Follow Me

Opening Prayer

Introit: All in the April Evening

The Candle of Judas Mark 14:10-11


The Candle of James and John Mark 14:32-42

Hymn: Go to Dark Gethsemane

The Candles of the Other Disciples Mark 14:43-50


The Candle of Peter Mark 14:53-72

Hymn: Voices United #144, Were You There

The Candle of Jesus Mark 15:1-37

Hymn: Voices United #135, Beneath the Cross of Jesus

The Candles of the Women Mark 15:40-47

Is there anyone left to follow the Way of Jesus?

After all that has happened on this day, will you continue to follow the Way of Jesus?

Hymn: O Lord, Hear My Prayer


Closing Notes

  • This service was written by Susan Lukey and David Robertson. Gathering, Lent/Easter 2018, page 69. Used with permission.

  • Thanks to:

  • And, thank you to all of the artists whose music and videos were used in the service:

    • Ebenezer United Church

    • Glasgow Orpheus Choir

    • House of Hope Lutheran Church

    • Choeur Gloire à Dieu

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