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What about children in worship?

An old saying goes that the children are the future of the church. But at St. Paul’s we feel that children are the church, in the here and now, just like everybody else. So bring ‘em along!


During the service there is a ‘Sunday school’ where your child’s faith is nourished and strengthened with age-appropriate materials by a trained teacher. Children leave for Sunday school part way through the service (so they don’t have to listen to the sermon!).


If you’d rather your child stays with you in the service (and gets to listen to the sermon!), then that’s perfectly OK too! A ‘family-friendly’ area is set aside for parents and tots at the back of the church.


Children are noisy and active! That’s part of being a child!! So, if your child fusses or is chatty or is wandering hither and yon, don’t sweat it.  We remember that Jesus bid the children to come to him, so we try our best to do the same.

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