We're glad you're here!  St. Paul's is an inclusive community of diverse individuals and families seeking to follow Jesus by practicing hospitality, working for justice, and seeeking a closer relationship with God and neighbour.

Events, News, & Worship Updates.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we have had to close the building for all our events, programs, and community partners.  This is extremely difficult for our members, friends and the broad community who call St. Paul's their home.

But the life of the church continues, and the staff -- Rev. Dan, Rosie, and Emma can be reached by email or phone

And, worship continues on Sundays -- check out 'Worship in Viral Times' for the current and past worship services online.

Look also for other things online: prayer group, book club, and others coming soon.

Worship this week:

And we have fun, too!  Music, special events, parties, study groups, walkathons, and sometimes, just clownin' around.


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