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  • Rev. Daniel Benson

Becoming Jordan

November is Trans Awareness Month, and on Sunday we will be welcoming guest speaker Jordan Sullivan to SPUC on Sunday, November 13th.

It seems only a few years that the issues of transgender men and women have been in the news. But, for many people who are trans, this is not news at all; there have always been people who have struggled with gender identity and expression. It is only recently, however, that those stories, the justice issues, and the rights of trans people, have been shared more broadly. Society is starting to catch up.

When I started working at General Council Office of the UCC, I met Judy, who worked in another department on the same floor. Over the years we worked on a variety of projects together, and I learned something of her story. Now I know that person as Jordan, a trans man whose story continues to evolve, and who continues to make a valuable contribution to the work of the church and spreading Good News, especially in the areas of gender justice.

Jordan shares his story with candor, humour, and grace. You'll here about it in person on Sunday at SPUC, and you can follow his blog.

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