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What happens on Sunday Morning?

Sunday worship is only one part of church, because lots of other stuff happens during the rest of the week. But Sunday morning worship – when we come together as a community of faith – to pray, praise, meditate, listen, talk, and sing together – is the high-point of the week for a lot of us. We hope it will be a time of spiritual nourishment for you too!


The service is a mixture of things. There will be moments of spoken and silent prayer, music to listen to and songs to sing, announcements of activities and programs, readings of Scripture or other books of wisdom (you may be surprised the books, movies, plays, or poems we sometimes refer to!). Sometimes there’s a traditional sermon, other times there is a conversation where everybody gets the chance to toss in their two-cents’ worth what they think. Occasionally there is dance, drama, or special guests. While most of the service is lead by one of the ministers, other people often provide leadership as well.


Whatever happens (sometimes it is a surprise to everyone!), our goal is provide a time and place where we can gather together, think about life and our lives, pause for an hour or so, and try to put things into perspective. We take the time to pause and be community, be with God, and just be.



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